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As you know, politics is part of our everyday lives. Whether we want it to or not, it walks right into our homes, into our wallets, into our bodies. It shapes our lives.

The Kitchen Cabinet empowers each of us to take action so Hoosier Democrats can shape politics to fit our lives.

Thank you so much for being here. Let's get started!

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Help Get Out the Vote in 2024!

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Start using the Rally tool today to turn the tide in North Central Indiana.

Be a Helper!

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Help others:

  • Register to Vote

  • Check their Registration Status

  • Use the Voter Info FAQs

  • Attend Kitchen Cabinet Events

Join us for our monthly social meet-ups. Our calendar also includes civic events, volunteer activities, and training opportunities across North Central Indiana. Meet your fellow Democrats and engage your community.

Democracy is participation. To strengthen our democracy we need more people to participate. Learn how to vote. And get the North Central Indiana civics basics. Let's learn about the system so we can improve the system.

Get the skills and know-how to organize and campaign. Browse the existing free courses and resources from Building Bridges for America and National Democratic Training Center, and more. You can do this!

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