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Maximize your effort

Take a moment to learn the skills to be an effective volunteer. It will give you the confidence to show up and talk with voters. And it will make the best of the short time during a campaign.

We have gathered free training opportunities and resources here to help you get started.

You can do this!

Democratic Resources

These three groups provide free training to volunteers, candidates, and campaign staff.

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This progressive grassroots group offers 10 free courses that have helped thousands of Democratic volunteers across the country maximize their volunteer effort. Born out of Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign and taught by three Hoosier women, this training is as homegrown as it gets.

Focus: Volunteers

Level: Newbies to Leaders

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This is the Democratic National Committee's official training center and they are excellent. They have tracks for local leaders, campaign staff, and candidates. They have an extensive catalog of courses via video-on-demand and worksheets. This is your go-to to learn how to run a winning campaign.

Focus: Campaigns

Level: Leaders to Staff

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Take your political action to the full-time professional level with Arena Academy. Arena has an impressive list of graduates and is built to supercharge Democratic career campaign staff. They offer an excellent free Toolkit with videos and worksheets to help campaigns and candidates step up their game.

Focus: Career staff

Level: Experienced staff

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