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kitchen cabinet noun

1. a group of unofficial advisers to a political leader, esp when considered to be more influential than the official cabinet.

Our story

Our genesis story begins in 2021 when the new St. Joseph County, Indiana Democratic Party Chair saw a gap in representation in our local party and asked a handful of actively involved women to help explore and form a Women’s Caucus.  What started as about a half dozen women gathering in one gal’s living room trying to navigate how to create such an entity, one thing was clear –  we needed to attract new, fresh female volunteers. We knew we needed to be more innovative,  more welcoming, more active and paired with a strong sense of belonging.  An organization that worked in parallel with the Democratic Party, but different and able to be more nimble.  Women wanted to feel safe, wanted to have fun, and wanted to build their confidence as they became more and more involved in local politics.  At this point in our nation and community’s history, many ladies wanted to get involved but they just didn’t know how.  They didn’t know how to plug in, how to become politically active, how to dip their toe in the water, and didn't know the inside baseball.  There was  a void to be filled.  And thus, The Kitchen Cabinet was born.


As your personal Kitchen Cabinet, we are ready to meet you where you are.  “Baby’s first  political outing?” We’ve got events with a low barrier of entry.  Want to volunteer for a candidate but don’t know how to get connected? We can help.  Feel like you need more training before you start being a more active volunteer or activist?  We’ve got free classes for that.  Ready to step up and run for office?  We’ve got you covered and can help guide you along that endeavor and bring our girl gang along for the ride. Wherever you are in your political journey, The Kitchen Cabinet is here.  


Welcome, we’re glad you’re here!

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